A growing trend in minor hockey is the use of cross ice hockey as a developmental tool. Some of the key benefits of cross ice hockey include; increased puck possession time, increased tempo of play, creativity and other technical skills. Cross ice hockey is quickly becoming an integral component of development for many of the leading hockey nations in the world.  Hockey USA has been mandating this format for some time and Hockey Canada has additionally been reviewing and structuring studies around these concepts. Our governing body, PCAHA, is considering mandating that cross ice hockey be implemented across all initiation levels.


Thanks to the generous support of Jeff Wheatley and Boston Pizza, SEMI Hockey has been able to take a leadership role in the development of cross ice hockey and is uniquely positioned to take advantage of and apply the benefits of cross ice hockey at the initiation level. For the 2014/2015, Jeff had personally and generously purchased rink divider pads for SEMI’s use, and in the 2015-16 season, believing in the benefit of cross ice hockey to all of SEMI’s kids, Jeff personally purchased cross ice boards and has provided them for SEMI Hockey to use on a permanent loan basis.  These cross ice boards are being used to divide a full ice sheet, allowing for multiple cross ice games and efficient allocation of ice time. This investment in SEMI Hockey has allowed our Association to increase the number of players on the ice and implement a variety of skill-based programs.


Jeff has four children (two in hockey), is a local Boston Pizza business owner, hockey coach and served as the Director of Initiation Hockey (H1 – H4) for SEMI Hockey up to the current season.


The Board and all of SEMI Hockey is grateful for Jeff’s generous support for the benefit of all hockey playing kids and extends a heartfelt thank you!


To ready up on BC Hockey’s province wide cross ice initiative as well as the Atom Transitional Plan, CLICK HERE.