SEMI Hockey is designating Jan 10-17 as Mental Health Awareness week.
We feel that as a hockey community we have an important role to play in not only developing our players athletically, but also being supportive of and strengthening their mental health. This is especially true in the last couple for seasons that have provided added stress and anxiety to youth.

Over the next week, we will be providing information on social media and directly to U11-U21 teams that will highlight several initiatives directed at supporting players’ mental health.
Our goal is to create a culture where the team and the dressing room is considered a safe space, where teammates can check in on each other, support each other, and encourage a dialogue that is welcoming and understanding.

January 10th – Managing Stress & Anxiety
As part of SEMI Hockey Mental Health Awareness week, we want to provide resources for youth managing stress and anxiety. We recognize that playing sports, while a great avenue to diffuse stress, can at times also be a factor contributing to stress and anxiety. These tools will help to identify and manage stress in youth athletes.
This self quiz can be done by the youth themselves for the U13-U18 levels, for the U11 level we are asking parents to work some of the questions on the quiz into conversations with your kids to assess their levels of stress.

January 12th – Creating a Daily Routine Action Plan

Here are some resources and activities that you may find helpful to assist with daily routines that will make you stronger and healthier. Please review the following documents/worksheets:
Here are some additional resources and videos from the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Talks program.