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Ravens Goalie Pathway

The Semiahmoo Raven’s goalie program begins with goalies in U8 and offers a pathway all the way through to our U18 program and beyond.

U8/U9 Program – This program offers an introduction to goaltending. Young athletes can dive in as little or as much as they are comfortable with. We try to expose each player to at least giving the position a try either at a game or at a few practices.

If you begin to show further interest, we encourage young goalies to attend our weekend clinics and talk with their coaches about opportunities to play goal in more games and practices. We have loaner equipment available, so do not feel that you must fully invest in specialized goalie equipment. By the end of U9 we often see several athletes that have taken a stronger interest and are playing goal in a majority of their team games.

U11 Programs – In U11 players and goalies have the option of trying out for the rep program or playing in the recreational C division. Both divisions have a need for goalies, and instructional programs are available for all.

Each U11 rep team usually accommodates two goalies and historically we have 4 rep teams, allowing for up to 8 spots across the 4 teams. In the recreational division we have a combination of 1 and 2 goalie teams. Also, in the recreational division we encourage players to try the position similar to U9 and if they are interested we will support their growth through our clinics and loaner programs. Often in the U11 C division, goalies that are not taking their turn in net have the option of playing as a skater for those games.

U13-U18 Programs – Options for goalies in both rep (8-10 goalies, 2 per team) and in the recreational division. Free instructional clinics are available for U13 and below. Rep teams will have a dedicated goalie coach assigned to the team to attend practices throughout the season, at an additional cost to the team budget. In these age groups, teams mostly have dedicated goalies, but options do exist to recruit new goalies to the position. Recreational teams have a combination of 1 or 2 goalies per team.


Recent Success Stories

Mason Beaupit – Spokane Chiefs WHL - #5 ranked goalie prospect for 2022 NHL Draft

Marcus Cumberworth – Richmond Sockeyes PJHL – 2022 PJHL Goalie of the year

Cale Dolan – Simon Fraser University

Josh Dias – University of Saskatchewan Huskies

Harrison Meneghin – Lethbridge Hurricanes WHL

Kennedy Chalmers – Valley West Giants BCEHL

Garin Wickstrom – Valley West Giants BCEHL

Ranvijay Tatla- Valley West Giants BCEHL

Eric Tu – St. Georges Academy

Mark Paton – Aldergrove Kodiaks PJHL

The sky is the limit for opportunities for talented athletes to grow as goalies. Just as it is with players, Semiahmoo Ravens Hockey has a reputation as the number one association for development. We take pride in investing in players and goalies, surrounding them with good coaches and providing quality ice time focused on improving their skills. We are confident that if a goalie brings athleticism and a positive attitude to the position, that we can provide the resources and support to maximize their developmental potential.

Ravens Goalie Providers

Ravens Goalie Programs

Welcome to the Semiahmoo Ravens goalie program. The Ravens are dedicated to supporting goaltenders as they develop and grow in this unique position. We recognize that the position is different than any of the other player positions, and comes with unique challenges. We endeavour to provide robust programs and support to make the option to be a goalie with the Ravens an enjoyable and positive experience.

Here is a summary of development opportunities for our Ravens goaltenders as they progress through the years:

Free goalie clinics – Semiahmoo Ravens Hockey offers clinics for goalies in U13 and below each weekend on Saturday and Sunday mornings at Excellent Ice. There is no cost to to the goalies who attend and sign up done online. The schedule is designed to work around existing game and practice schedules to minimize conflicts.

Team based training – Goalies on rep teams will be assigned a team goalie coach. This coach will attend practices at various times over the season to work with the goalies. The additional cost for this will be shared by all players on the team, and is not solely a goalie responsibility to cover the cost.

Hockey Schools – Semiahmoo offers a goalie instructional program as a part of our annual summer hockey school in August at Centennial Arena.